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Fish2fork needs your help in changing the way restaurants think about their seafood

Ice Loyalty Programme

When dining out, do you feel you can make an informed decision about the seafood you eat? Does the restaurant tell you enough about where and how its fish was caught or farmed?

Let us know about your restaurant experiences and help us further the cause of marine sustainability without even leaving the table.

As a DinerRater you can contribute to our website reviews with a Blue Fork rating, just by answering a few simple questions about a restaurant’s menu.

To sign up to DinerRatings and play your part in changing the restaurant sector for the better, just send an email to

You will also get 250 Ice Loyalty Programme points that give you money off when you shop with retailers selected for their stand on the environment. One more thing that makes living sustainably as easy as possible for you. 

  • 5 Blue Fish

    Five Blue Forks

    Meets the highest standards of seafood sustainability

  • 5 Blue Fish

    Four Blue Forks

    Excellent seafood sustainability is demonstrated

  • 5 Blue Fish

    Three Blue Forks

    Good standards of seafood sustainability are met

  • 5 Blue Fish

    Two Blue Forks

    Shows good awareness of sustainability but with some weaknesses

  • 5 Blue Fish

    One Blue Fork

    Demonstrates at least basic awareness of sustainability but could do more

  • 5 Blue Fish

    Red Fork

    The restaurant has not met the minimum requirements