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1) Does this restaurant always indicate on the menu the name of each species of seafood used in its dishes?

2) Does the menu always indicate whether the seafood in dishes is wild or farmed?

3) Does the menu always indicate the origins of seafood used in dishes, such as where and how wild seafood was caught or where farmed seafood was produced?

4) Does this restaurant serve any of the following?

5) If this restaurant serves farmed seafood, such as salmon and king prawns, please indicate if it comes from environmentally responsible sources, such as farms certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, Organic or GAA BAP, or Global GAP

6) This restaurant follows a policy on sourcing seafood sustainably that (tick all that apply):

7) Please include any supporting information on your answers to Question 6 above and anything further you wish to tell us about this restaurant's policies and practices. This may include, for instance: sourcing from certified fisheries and using corresponding ecolabels (eg. MSC, ASC, Organic); the use of the Marine Conservation Society’s Good Fish Guide; membership of a boat-to-plate scheme; other information about traceability; other sustainability information provided to consumers.

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++ The fish2fork list of “fish to avoid” has been compiled from assessments by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS)