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In Partnership with Marine Conservation Society

National Marine Aquarium

Rope Walk, Plymouth, PL4 0LF

0844 893 7938

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Last rated: 10/06/2014

What we say

Chef Craig Walker has the advantage of a smack of marine biologists on his doorstep, so can consult if in doubt of sustainable status. He has the tricky job of balancing ethics with commercial demands but this year he is aiming for 100% traceability with only MSC approved fish, caught by day boat or pole and line, on the menu. We would also like to see more information given to the customer as to whether or not the fish served is wild or farmed, where they come from and how they were caught but the National Marine Aquarium, as one might expect, has an exemplary approach to choosing its seafood.

What they say

We only serve fish from sustainable sources.

About National Marine Aquarium

Did you know crabs and lobsters can taste with their feet? Or a group of jellyfish is called a smack? No, us neither. But they are among the many fascinating facts that visitors to the UK’s largest aquarium attraction can learn. It’s easy to spend several hours there so you can pop in to the Waves Cafe at any time to refuel on a snack or a main meal. The alfresco Sands Cafe opens from March to October, and Horizons Cafe is open during school holidays for hot drinks and cake.

Chef Craig Walker makes an effort to champion local producers and to offer healthy, local and seasonal eating. All the meat is reared to UK welfare standards and the eggs are free-range. Fairtrade and organic products are used wherever possible. Albacore tuna is caught by line and pole, and prawns and Pacific salmon are MSC approved.