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Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth, PL4 0EB

01752 202616

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Last rated: 11/09/2012

What we say

From what they have told us there appears to be a desire for marine sustainability '“ concerns about the cod population means the fish isn't served at the restaurant - but we would like to know more about some of the other fish they serve. In particular, what species of ray is used for the skate wings? Thereare several species on the market but some are considered to be fish to avoid by the Marine Conservation Society because of concerns about stock levels. But we are pleased to see them serve local seafood such as crab and mussels.

What they say

Our multi-plate menu offers a new and exciting approach to food, simply cooked, healthy and locally sourced, all at a size to suit you.

About Arthouse

Art is about new concepts - and the innovation at the all-day cafe,bar and restaurant at Plymouth Arts Centre is multi-plate food. We were told,however, that the online menu is several months o