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In Partnership with Marine Conservation Society

Fish City

33 Ann St, Belfast , BT1 4EB


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Last rated: 05/10/2015

What we say

We are extremely impressed with the philosophy of Fish City and the energy and enterprise they show in achieving their aims. They certainly deliver the goods (in every sense - they also have a home service), and set the bar high. They use fish certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council, the gold standard of sustainable marine eco-labels, and thereby avoid any seafood that is on the Marine Conservation Society list of fish that should be avoided. We are particularly impressed with the initiative shown by Fish City in starting a Kids Club to let children know about the issues surrounding sustainable seafood. Fish City is just the kind of restaurant we would like to eat at its approach to marine sustainability is fantastic. Bravo Fish City!

What they say

Fish is a gift of nature, a precious resource we must protect and nurture for present and future generations. Here at Fish City we aim to source our fish as responsibly as possible. We only purchase our fish from reliable suppliers. All our fish carry the MSC Certificate, to ensure that our oceans are safe for years to come. We know how important it is for our fish to be sustainable and that is why our fish has to come with the Marine Stewardship Council certificate. We have started a kids club, aiming to teach children aged 9-11 all about fish sustainability. This has been a huge success so far and we will be running more classes soon.

About Fish City

Every city - town, as well - should have a Fish City. It’s a clever, simple and principled concept that fills a gap in the marketplace by balancing traditional beliefs with a contemporary approach and innovative ideas. It’s basically fish and chips for a new millennium and a new generation.

Fish City has gained a whole bagful of awards, including being the Northern Ireland regional winner of the 2015 National Fish and Chip Awards, and being placed in their top three Healthy Eating Awards.

Healthy eating and working towards a sustainable environment are complementary: fish is MSC approved, there is a ‘lite’ menu such as Thai Green Fish Curry and Albacore Pasta Tuna Bake plus there are gluten-free and Lo Salt options. To round off their good intentions, the shop sponsors RNLI lifeboats and local charities.

Prices are remarkably reasonable for the quality: a lunch f&c special is £4.50. But you can also expect some twists on the standard such as Fishdog, cod on ciabatta bread with pea spread and tartare sauce (£5.95) and homemade paella (£6.50). Even the chips can get a dousing of Mexican or Texan Ranch sauce.

There is also a wide choice of burgers and chicken dishes and an extensive selection of takeaway dishes.

From the homemade mushy peas to the Italian designed furniture, baby chairs, daily papers and free tea and coffee top ups this is a top quality chippy. If it was possible to eat the pictures - we would!