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In Partnership with Marine Conservation Society

Harbourside Fish and Chips

35 Southside Street, Plymouth, PL1 2LE

01752 603183

Fish2fork Rating
4.5 Blue Fish

Last rated: 09/06/2014

What we say

Last year they were good, this year they're even better. We are delighted at the effort Harbourside puts into getting its seafood from sustainable sources, and their certification as a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) accredited restaurant demonstrates the level of their determination and dedication. The staff are enthusiastic and knowledgeable - the restaurant won Seafish's 2014 National Staff Training and Development award - and work closely with their suppliers to make sure the cod, haddock and scampi they serve is always MSC certified. There is plenty of information in the restaurant about where its fish come from and how they were caught, including a local specials board, and customers are offered Marine Conservation Society leaflets which provide further detail about the species which are numerous enough to be eaten without worry and those that should be avoided to allow stocks to recover. Harbourside is a credit to Plymouth. We wish more were like them.

What they say

At Harbourside we pledge to only use sustainable sourced fish. We have made a promise to our customers that we have and always will, take appropriate steps to buy sustainable seafood, to protect precious marine environments and fish stocks. We have liaised with the Marine Stewardship Council to ensure our fish is sourced from only businesses with MSC chain of custody certificates, which can supply us with sustainable seafood. The MSC is running a program, working with partners to transform the world's seafood markets and promote sustainable fishing practices. At Harbourside we cannot imagine a world where traditional fish and chips no longer exist '“ this could be the reality within the next 50 years if we do not act now. We take sustainability very seriously.

About Harbourside Fish and Chips

Harbourside is a dream chippy: superbly fresh fish, a bright contemporary setting and expert frying skills. The choice has cod or haddock (£2.75-£4.95) at its heart, with the addition of homemade fish cakes, scampi, mushy peas and pea fritters, although there are also sausage and pies, chicken and burgers. The thin batter is made to a secret recipe and fried in very high temperature to minimise the oil content and produce a crispy coating and flaky succulent fish. The chunky chips are twice-fried in clean, fresh vegetable oil.

Cod is cut on site daily from larger fillets, potatoes are carefully sourced direct from the farm and variety identified daily, oil is filtered daily and continually changed with all waste oil collected for bio-fuel. Recycling is a large part of their philosophy and there are bio-degradable trays and the shop has signed up for the food logic scheme to dispose of waste and reduce costs. Harbourside also use Frymax, an additive free oil that contains no hydrogenated fats or nut produce and Tom Hughes, the restaurant’s manager was recognised by Seafish as one of the best young fryers in the country.

Harbourside Fish and Chips