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Harry Ramsden's - Bournemouth

Undercliffe Drive, East Beach, Bournemouth, BH1 2EZ

01202 295 818

Fish2fork Rating
2.5 Blue Fish

Last rated: 17/11/2016

What we say

Harry Ramsden talks the talk with its promise to ensure there are “plenty more fish in the sea” for future generations. More importantly, it walks the walk too.

When we raised concerns about the sustainability of their king prawns, they listened to us and then went out to find a much better alternative. In the past this hasn’t been the case - in previous ratings, Harry Ramsden disappointed - but we are delighted the restaurant has now earnt a high and well-deserved Fish2fork rating.

Better still, some of Harry Ramsden’s seafood choices are ‘green rated’ by the Marine Conservation Society, and have come from well managed fisheries. These include the cod and haddock from the Barents Sea, and its cold water prawns from the North Atlantic.

We would like to see Harry Ramsden putting more information on its menus about the sources of its fish and other seafood - how can a customer judge the level of sustainability without adequate detail? But a lot of effort has been put in by the restaurant to make sure it gets its sourcing right.

What they say

As leaders in the restaurant industry, we take our responsibility for sourcing only sustainable fish and seafood very seriously.

That’s why at Harry Ramsden’s, we are making it our mission to ensure there are ‘plenty more fish in the sea’ for future generations.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best of the world’s catch from well-managed and sustainable fisheries, while leaving enough in the seas for future generations to savour! 

About Harry Ramsden's - Bournemouth

Fish and chips may have been knocked from pole position as Britain’s most popular food but there are still times when only a plate of f&c will satisfy both body and soul. And at the legendary Harry Ramsden’s they know how to deliver the goods. After all, they’ve been frying for over 85 years in more than 40 outlets - so they must be doing something right!

A large cod with all the trimmings is £12.99, but you can also have haddock, plaice and scampi. In selected restaurants, the menu has been expanded to include salads, savoury puddings and pies such as British free-range chicken, honey roasted gammon and kale pie (£8.99) as well as burgers and dogs - we particularly fancy ‘Harry’s Seadog, breadcrumbed cod with minted mushy peas, tartare sauce and rocket served in a pretzel roll (£7.99). It is also possible to swap battered fish for poached, and chips for salad - something that would have been unheard of back in 1938!

But it’s the chip shop classics most people come for. The famous batter remains a closely guarded secret but they do say it is freshly mixed every day to ensure consistency, and the twice-cooked chips use carefully selected British potatoes. Thankfully, they’ve kept the chip shop curry sauce and pickled onions along with the Greek salad bowl and cold-smoked hickory salmon.

Think carefully, however, about taking on the infamous ‘Harry’s Challenge’, a belly-busting portion of 350g cod or haddock, 200g chips, two large sides and bread and butter. Clean your plate (without assistance) and you win a t-shirt, certificate and entry into the Hall of Fame Gallery. Bring your own antacids, and be prepared to lie down for a long time afterwards.