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Kingfisher Fish & Chips

7 Glen Road, Plympton, Plymouth, PL7 2XS

01752 335567

Fish2fork Rating
4.5 Blue Fish

Last rated: 07/08/2013

What we say

Kingfishers are able to combine quality with sustainability and, amongst other things, offer a remarkably clear online guide to diners regarding the species, capture area, MCS rating, certification and supplier of all the fish and shellfish served. It is a model of its kind that other establishments could easily follow. It may have taken the owner some time to sort out suppliers and sourcing but they have achieved a truly impressive score.  They are clearly willing to go the extra distance to maintain and further improve their standards and commitment to ethical policies. If all restaurants showed such spirit, fish stocks would be in a much better condition.

What they say

It is our aim to ensure we do our bit to look after the fish stocks of the future. We will always seek to purchase fish from well managed fishing boats who follow the same values as us. Our promise is: if it isn't fully sustainable it won't be on our menu.

About Kingfisher Fish & Chips

The close-up of a portion of freshly fried f&c on the Kingfisher website is pure gastroporn: if we could eat the screen, we would. Chip shop dreams are made of this - and who are we to disagree?