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Noodle Lounge

13 Southside Street, Plymouth, PL1 2LA

01752 266677

Fish2fork Rating
0.5 Red Fish

Last rated: 10/06/2014

What we say

The Noodle Lounge does no worse than many others but, sadly, it does not score as highly as we would like. Going by what's on the menu, our main concerns are the tiger & king prawns and the sea bass. Are the prawns farmed or wild? Do they come with certification of sustainability? Many king prawn farms promote overfishing through their heavy use of fishmeal, among other environmental issues, while wild stocks are in some regions taken in unsustainable numbers so it is important to know the origins. Sea bass stocks in UK waters have declined significantly but it is unclear where the restaurant's supplies came from. Having said that, it does also use rather more sustainable seafood including lobster, crab and squid.

What they say

We were not able to speak to the restaurant and they do not have a website.

About Noodle Lounge

The popular Chinese restaurant is located on the third floor but plenty of customers are willing to regularly take the lift to ‘Jonny Wongs’, as it is known by locals apparently. There’s no fancy decor or fussy frills, not even a tablecloth - as one online reviewer pithily said, it’s “just wipe and go”. Freshly cooked is expertly cooked and delivered quick as a flash from the open kitchen. The friendly waiting staff will help you navigate the menu and it’s worth taking their advice on combining noodle and rice dishes. The average cost per head is between £15 and £20.

Noodle Lounge