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12 The Barbican, Plymouth, PL1 2LS

01752 227262

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1.5 Red Fish

Last rated: 12/06/2014

What we say

The claim by the restaurant that, 'œSeafoods are our speciality,' makes it doubly disappointing that Platters gives little indication that marine sustainability plays any great part in its thinking. On the one hand, we like the fact they are encouraging their customers to try fish such as gurnard ('œsucculent and sweet tasting, very underrated, give it a go, you won't regret it'), as well as identifying the origin of others such as Yealm mussels and Cornish sardines. Unfortunately this is offset by their use of seafood that we believe should be kept off menus, such as whitebait which consists of small juveniles which have never had the opportunity to breed and thus replenish stocks. Whitebait is on the Marine Conservation Society's list of fish '˜to avoid'. Another cause of concern are king and tiger prawn which can cause environmental pollution and promote overfishing through their use of fishmeal - we would urge restaurants to find a source certified as sustainable.

What they say

Platters Restaurant Plymouth is the most fabulous seafood restaurant and you'll find us on Plymouth's historic Barbican. Diners come from all over the UK for the fresh local seafood and the warm welcome from this family owned restaurant. Platters is frequented by family and friends and you are always given the warmest welcome by the owners and the terrific staff (mostly family)!!! Come and enjoy the electric atmosphere, fine food and great hospitality. If you love seafood it does not get any better than this.

About Platters

The long-established family fish restaurant on Plymouth’s historic Barbican has a jolly, bustling nautical air. A local institution, for the last 30 years they have sourced direct from Plymouth Fish Market to ensure tip-top freshness. They offer an extensive range of fish.

Plymouth clam chowder (£5.25) or Rocky’s crab cakes made with ‘real Barbican crab’ (£6.75) are both two good, hot and tasty starters. Alternatively try the Salcombe smoked salmon (£6.95) or Cornish sardines (£6.50). After that, fish and chips in crispy batter (£9.95) is probably top choice, but there’s also grilled fish including gurnard and mackerel.

Scallops provencal (£16.95) comes with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s endorsement, and if you’re spoilt for choice, go for a selection of five different species of fish for £16.95 or a trio for £13.95. Mixed seafood dishes include bouillabaisse, seafood puttanesca, risotto and cioppino, and there’s also a fresh local catch of the day such as John Dory or more exotic fish.