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Pret A Manger - Carnaby Street - London

27/28 Great Marlborough Street , London, W1F 7HY

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4.5 Blue Fish

Last rated: 09/10/2015

What we say

It may have a limited number of seafood species on its menu but for those it offers Pret goes to great lengths to ensure they are bought from environmentally friendly sources. It has, for example, made sure that the feed given to the salmon which end up on its shelves comes from a sustainable source. We note that the Pret menu always indicates the catch method for their popular tuna products and the website provides further details about its seafood sourcing. Pret shows that high street chains can be popular and profitable while making sustainability a priority.

What they say

At Pret we believe that honesty is the best policy with regard to sustainability. Pret has a strategic approach to reduce its impact on the environment, and to have a positive impact on the society it operates in. We've achieved a great deal since we started, but know there is always much more to do as issues progress around the world and in the UK. We will be transparent about what we do, what we are trying to improve and where we are finding it hard to progress. Sustainability at Pret does not mean short-term solutions for publicity; we take a common sense approach, concerned about the needs of today without compromising the needs of the future.

About Pret A Manger - Carnaby Street - London

It is a mark of their commitment to ethical standards that Pret A Manger have a post of Head of Sustainability. Leaders of the pack, Pret opened in 1986 and they have always striven to serve fresh, handmade, natural food made in or near every shop. So no ‘factory’ stuff, sell-by dates on sandwiches and they give food to charity at the end of each day rather than keeping it over to sell the next day.

When it comes to seafood, the main ingredients they use are pole and line caught skipjack tuna, wild crayfish (non-farmed from a sustainable population in the fresh water lakes of the Yangtze River), and salmon. Pret sushi includes salmon, prawns and crab. There’s something new and original coming onto the menu all the time: even after all these years, Pret is still a work in progress.