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Seafood & Pasta Bar

10 Quay Road, The Barbican, Plymouth, PL1 2JZ

01752 260717

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1 Red Fish

Last rated: 12/06/2014

What we say

On the plus side, there is only one dish on the menu that fails to identify the species; on the other hand, there is no indication of whether the fish are farmed or wild, or how they were caught. Equally, whilst we are glad to see the restaurant no longer use skate - most species are under pressure and population sizes are low enough to be a worry - we are disappointed to find whitebait on the menu. Whitebait is classed by the Marine Conservation Society as a 'fish to avoid' largely because as small juveniles they have had no chance to spawn.

What they say

Of course, the menu combines only the freshest ingredients and vibrant flavours that will keep even the most particular customers impressed. From Barbican fresh Scallops to Seafood Paella and Harbour chicken specials to prime fillet steaks, you'll find everything on their menu.

About Seafood & Pasta Bar

At certain times of the year, you’d never know you were in good old Blighty: there are bobbing yachts and boats in the Marina, outside tables under large sunshades, the sparkling lights of restaurants, bars and cafes lining the cobbled quayside.........but then the menu is a bit of a giveaway, a pan-european selection filtered through British taste. Spaghetti Bolognese (£11.00) might be unknown in Bologna but it’s a staple here along with lasagne and spaghetti carbonara. Scallops are cooked in white wine, garlic and cream and served with rice; grilled fillet of sea bass as well as grilled chicken breast come with chickpea ratatouille; and blackened grilled cod is covered in Cajun spices and served with tzatziki and hand-cut chips (£13.00). There are homemade meatballs (£6.00) and homemade chicken and seafood paella with chorizo (£16.00). The formula obviously works well: it’s always busy and friendly, although the cooking has received mixed online reviews.

Seafood & Pasta Bar