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104 Union Street, Plymouth, PL1 3HL

01752 225873

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Last rated: 13/07/2014

What we say

We admire Garry for his stand on frozen fish and the damaging effect it can have on the market, and there is much he is doing that is positive for sustainability. In particular, he uses a wide variety of seafood, including unfashionable species, and thus reduces the pressure on the most commonly-used species. Hake, whiting, gurnard, mussels, cockles and John Dory are among the options he has in the restaurant and he uses a board to inform customers about the seafood he uses. He tries to get the bulk of his seafood from within 1.5 miles of the harbour and, we are delighted and impressed to learn, he is determined to pass on his belief in the importance of sustainable seafood to his apprentices. Our one concern is the king prawns on the breakfast menu. Are they farmed or wild? Do they come with certification of sustainability? Many king prawn farms promote overfishing through their heavy use of fishmeal, among other environmental issues, while wild stocks are in some regions taken in unsustainable numbers so it is important to know the origins. Nevertheless, Sprouts has a great ethos and is doing much to set an example on sustainable sourcing.

What they say

Welcome to Sprouts Restaurant, Plymouth's newest fresh food restaurant, specialising in seafood and vegetarian with a range of meat options also available. Located on the quiet end of Union Street opposite Blockbusters, Sprouts offers an intimate setting, with space for 18 guests.

About Sprouts

Gotta love the name. Anyone with the chutzpah to challenge preconceptions of vegetarian food deserves support. Sprouts, however, also specialises in seafood, but maybe a restaurant called Herring might not have the same cheeky ring, but perhaps “Brill” could be a winner.

Trivialities aside, chef-owner Garry Morris runs an open-plan, no-frills, BYOB restaurant which values freshness, simplicity and honesty. He has a good knowledge of fish and knows how to cook it without fuss. He puts a fresh twist on the daily catch, bought from a day boat and whenever possible caught within 1.5 miles of Plymouth harbour. One day, perhaps, he will serve scallops with lime and marmalade, the next ling with bacon and black pudding or caper and cider sauce. There is a daily fish special which also goes into dishes such as the seafood wrap. Don’t come here expecting your average offering of deep-fried fish and chips: the restaurant is a batter-free zone in keeping with Garry’s mission to show other ways in which fresh wild fish can be cooked simply and successfully.

Vegetarian choices are traightforward without being dull: crispy tofu with an apple sauce (£11), stuffed aubergine with Camembert (£9.50), roast leeks with a cream and walnut dressing (£10). There are also meat dishes such as sweet chili lamb rump (£8.00) or coconut and coriander chicken (£7.50). Breakfasts, weekdays from 8am.