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The Regency Restaurant

131 Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 2HH

01273 325014

Fish2fork Rating
2 Red Fish

Last rated: 14/06/2011

What we say

We've tried our best with the Regency, whose staff went to the trouble of filling in one of our questionnaires, but the bottom line is that they do not appear to have a sustainability policy and they place too much reliance on assurances from their suppliers when it comes to sustainability. We do not know whether the halibut comes from the wild, where it is struggling, or is farmed because the menu doesn't tell us. Similarly, there has to be concern about the cod, plaice and king prawn. We can't give the Regency the score it may feel it deserves until it provides more information for the customer. 2 red fish.

What they say

...' remains one of the oldest and most popular seafront restaurants in Brighton, where you can experience the tempting flavours of the locally caught fresh fish whilst enjoying spectacular views of the sea and West Pier'.

About The Regency Restaurant

The long-established Regency, is one of the most popular seafront restaurants in Brighton. Rick Stein likes it: "It's a really good all-things-to-everybody restaurant. It's not expensive, there's a great atmosphere ... everything they do is great." Serves staple and locally caught seafood.  Two fish courses cost about £12-£17. There are steaks as well as fish.

3.5 stars on Google.

The Regency Restaurant