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Wahaca Cardiff

51-53 The Hayes, St David's Dewi Sant, Cardiff, CF10 1GA

+44 (0) 29 2167 0414

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4 Blue Fish

Last rated: 10/12/2014

What we say

Wahaca really impresses us with their commitment to sustainability and openness. They stick rigorously to MSC products in order to guarantee sustainable sourcing in their chain, and it is to their great credit their sourcing policy is clearly visible online and on the menus. Even when carrying salmon as a temporary special, the farm is chosen with great care on the basis of management standards and sustainable fishmeal. Tremendous!

What they say

From the day we first opened in Covent Garden, we challenged ourselves to minimise the environmental impact our business caused. We've since learned how to build sustainability into every element of our restaurants. We concentrate on three main areas where we feel we can best reduce our environmental footprint: sourcing locally and responsibly; building environmentally efficient restaurants; helping our teams work sustainably. Sometimes ingredients cost us a little more, our building work is a bit more expensive, and training our sustainable practices may take a bit longer, but we think it's worth it and hopefully you can tuck in, happy in the knowledge that your meal at Wahaca won't cost the earth. Our sourcing policy is online: And as all of our permanent seafood menu items are MSC, they are listed on our menu as 'MSC' as required in our MSC policy. We don't indicate the fish is wild, but as it's MSC, by virtue, it is.

About Wahaca Cardiff

Even if you don’t know your tostadas from your taquitos, you won’t fail to be seduced by the vibrant Mexican market and street food from Wahaca. The small chain makes excellent regional Mexican food easy as well as fun and the atmosphere is as cool as a Mojito on Acapulco Beach.

The menus are extensive but well designed for sharing and for variety of plate size. Tacos may be filled with Yucatan pork pibil (£4.10) or crispy plantains; quesadillas with chorizo and potato (£4.20) or chipotle chicken. Fish choices included a smoked MSC certified herring tostada with sour cream, chives and cucumber pickle, as well as Baja-style MSC fish tacos. Novices unsure whether to try items such as quesadilla stuffed with huitlacoche (mushrooms, truffley Mexican corn and melted cheese) can go for British steak, the Mexican way (£10.25) - served with green rice, charred spring onions and house salsas.

Finish with a dairy-free Mexican hot chocolate or a chilli chocolate tequila toddy. That’s after the doughnuts and salted caramel ice-cream, of course.

Go home, crash out - and turn up the next morning for huevos rancheros and breakfast burritos. It’s just one big Mexican wave at Wahaca.